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Inert Gases

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Inert Gas Technical Data Sheet



Inert Gas System

Inert systems have existed for decades and have proven to be 100% reliable. They are part of the natural air and they are the most environmentally friendly system for fire suppression. Most of the inert systems discharge directly from the cylinder with the charging pressure (200 or 300 bar.). LPG inert gases is 100% safe and with no impact to the environment.

LPG valves are the safest in the market and enable the checking of all its elements at the time of commissioning and subsequent maintenance. The valve incorporates a relief reducing the risk of accidental discharge. All LPG valves are patented.

LPG systems offer great flexibility of adaptation to all the actuation and release systems currently used in the market, allowing even combinations of several of them as they incorporate protection elements against accidental activation due to micro leaks.

The compressed gas is stored in high pressure cylinders, so that the necessary space for the cylinders will depends on its pressure and capacity. The cylinders capacity used by LPG is 80 & 140 lt., thus saving Space, Time, and Costs.

Designing Solutions

In case of fire, the discharge in the protected area is done by means of a pipes and nozzles network, specially designed, and hydraulically calculated with our software to ensure total discharge.

The discharge of an extinguishing fixed system by gas generates an increase in the room pressure, depending on parameters such as flow, concentration, or leakage area that can lead to structural damage in the protected area. LPG has tested and Developer methods for the calculation of the relief area, avoiding damages to the premises and ensuring the capacity to keep the agent concentration during enough time so as to extinguish the fire.


LPG Inert systems and components are certified by VdS Schadensverh├╝rteng (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit) in Germany, by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) in England, by the CNPP (Centre National de Prevention et Protection) in France, by the VNIIPO in Russia and by the APCI (Fire Protection Agency) in Cuba.