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Fire Extinguishing Systems

LPG is Specialist in Fire Extinguishing SystemSpecialist in Fire Extinguishing System

LPG is One of the Tyco Group Company which is Specialists in Fire Suppression System, It has Large range of Products for the Fire Suppression System, Such as FM-200, Co2, Inert Gases Novac and Argon , Water Mist, Protek System for Kitchen and Special System  Point Tech, etc.,  

LPG systems and components are certified by UL, Vds, FM, LPCB, IMO, APCI and quality checks are constantly submitted so as to guarantee an ongoing high level of quality throughout its whole production. 

Quality of system and components are designed and manufactured according to must rigorous International regulators such as ISO 14520, NFPA, EC

Specialist in Fire Extinguishing System

LPG FM-200 System

The systems with FM200® extinguish fire quickly, minimizing damage to property and high value equipment, and ensuring total safety for people. These systems are suitable for class A and class B fires types.

The Main advantages of FM-200 systems are:

  • Exclusive design focuses for class A fires with 6.25%.
  • Application systems for electrical risks, archives, stores.
  • Protection Systems in occupied areas.
  • Maximum reduction of damages by faster extinguishing.
  • Better cost/benefit relations and less maintenance cost.
  • Application systems for risks involving flammables ( Class B).

Specialist in Fire Extinguishing System

LPG Co2 System

CO2 or Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas...that's highly efficient as a fire suppression agent. Carbon dioxide gas has a high rate of expansion, which allows a LPG CO2 fire protection system to work fast. When applied to a fire, CO2 provides a heavy blanket of gas that reduces the oxygen level to a point where combustion cannot occur. Since carbon dioxide is a gas, there is no clean-up associated with a LPG CO2 fire suppression system discharge...that's minimal interruption to your business. With a LPG CO2 system, clean-up costs and downtime associated with a CO2 discharge are negligible.

LPG's CO2 fire suppression system is extremely versatile, effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials and approved for Class A, B, and C hazards.

LPG Carbon Dioxide fire protection systems are available for use in total flooding or local fire protection applications - making it an effective fire protection system for a wide variety of hazards.

LPG Inert Gas System

Inert systems have existed for decades and have proven to be 100% reliable. They are part of the natural air and they are the most environmentally friendly system for fire suppression. Most of the inert systems discharge directly from the cylinder with the charging pressure (200 or 300 bar.). LPG inert gases is 100% safe and with no impact to the environment.

Designing Solutions

In case of fire, the discharge in the protected area is done by means of a pipes and nozzles network, specially designed, and hydraulically calculated with our software to ensure total discharge.

The discharge of an extinguishing fixed system by gas generates an increase in the room pressure, depending on parameters such as flow, concentration, or leakage area that can lead to structural damage in the protected area. LPG has tested and Developer methods for the calculation of the relief area, avoiding damages to the premises and ensuring the capacity to keep the agent concentration during enough time so as to extinguish the fire.

LPG Water Mist System

LPG Water Mist System

The Water Mist protection system optimizes the amount of water, maximizing the effective water volume through the distribution of droplets of very small size. This method improves a cooling effect for a determined amount of water, reducing the necessary volume. Therefore, damages compared to conventional sprinkler systems are minimized.

LPG designs its systems in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards in the market with its own patented technology. LPG AQUAFOG┬« systems are adequate for the protection of both Class A and Class B fires. Allow for real operation tests and check the extinguishing system accordingly.

LPG Water Mist System

LPG Point Tech System

LPG Point Tech System is a simple automatic fire detection and extinguishing system by means of a flexible detection and discharge pipe, specially designed for application where the fire hazard is located in areas difficult to access. The pipe is heat sensitive all along its length, equivalent to an infinitesimal line of fire detectors. Detects and extinguishes fire at its first stage discharging the extinguishing agent directly at its source.

It is specially suitable for applications where the potential fire risk is located within enclosed or confined areas, such as, electrical cupboards, control panels, fume cabinets in laboratories, automatic cashiers, paint booth, machinery rooms in yachts and vehicles, baths, buckets or tanks filled with flammable materials, and many others.

LPG ProteK System for Kitchen

LPG ProteK System for Kitchen

Sometimes we forget how important it is to have a suitable extinguishing system available until an accident occurs.

Modern kitchens present a dangerous combination of high amounts of flammable oils and extreme sources of heat, creating an environment in which fire is a constant threat. As well, extraction hoods capture a large amount of grease that deposits in the interior of the hoods, the fans, and ducts, providing possible ways to initiate or propagate a fire.