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FM 200 Fire Extinguishing system

Specialist in Fire Extinguishing System

FM-200 System

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FM-200 System

The systems with FM200® extinguish fire quickly, minimizing damage to property and high value equipment, and ensuring total safety for people. These systems are suitable for class A and class B fires types.

LPG has developed the systems with FM 200® with its own internal know-how labs, approved by well-known international labs. Our systems are offered with banks of cylinders and modular ones of up to 240l, thus minimizing their storage space. We have developed nozzles of 360º and 180º optimized for each type of risk.

The design of our components allows for an ease of commissioning, installation and subsequent maintenance.

Designing Solutions

The designs and components of LPG systems have been approved by several well-known International bodies. The main advantages are:

  • Exclusive design focuses for class A fires with 6.25%.
  • Application systems for electrical risks, archives, stores.
  • Protection Systems in occupied areas.
  • Maximum reduction of damages by faster extinguishing.
  • Better cost/Benefit relations and less maintenance cost.
  • Application systems for risks involving flammables (Class B).

LPG also offers the design of the piping network for the FM 200® system using its own software for hydraulic calculations, which calculates adequate pipe sizes to ensure discharge in 10 seconds.


LPG systems and components with  FM 200® are certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) in UK, by CNPP (Centre National de Prevention et Protection) in France, by APCI in Cuba and are regularly subject to quality inspections to guarantee the best performance level throughout the production process.